Artisan Fermenters and Distillers Business Conference and Tradeshow

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020 Conference Agenda

We are hard at work creating our 2020 agenda. Here is where we are at so far! Click on the time for more details.

Grab a coffee, check your camera appearance, and hangout virtually.

Experts from across North America discuss economic, alcohol, food and tourism trends. This panel discussion is sure to get you thinking about things to consider into the future for better planning decisions for your business.

Panel Speakers:

  • J.P. Gervais, Vice-President and Chief Agricultural Economist, FCC
  • Greg Klassen, Principal, Twenty31
  • Sylvain Charlebois, Professor Food Distribution and Policy, Dalhousie University
  • Kaumil Gajrawala, Managing Director Beverage and Household & Personal Care Products, Credit-Suisse

Human Resources — “Compensation: From Requirements to Rewards and Recognition”

This session will discuss how to overcome the obstacles involved in hiring and paying employees. After debunking myths like salaried vs hourly and employee vs contractor, we will explore the various ways to compensate and incentivize (allowances, reimbursements, bonuses, perks), as well as how to choose between the options available with a discussion of the pros and cons of each.

Shawnee Love, Love HR

Finance/Regulations — “Fortify Your Business —Strategies for Short and Long-Term Survival”

In this seminar we will examine strategies for managing the risks your beverage business is exposed to in order to survive the short-term (COVID government assistance programs, insurance coverage and business risks) and plan for the longer term (process improvement, performance management).

Ed Olson, MNP and James Grant, Signature Risk

Sales and Marketing — “Leverage Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition and Retention”

In this new digital age, it has never been more critical to engage your customers – and prospective customers – online. And one of the most effective channels to do so is with email marketing. In fact, email is the single most effective way to drive online sales. 

In this session, we’ll uncover strategies to help you attract new customers and retain existing fans using email segmentation, personalization and automation.

Adrienne Stillman, Wine Direct

More information in 5 -minute bundles than you can shake a stick at. Enjoyed it last year? You’ll love the 2020 virtual version./

Human Resources — “Get Onboarding Right and Watch Performance Soar!”

Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding program improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. You invest time and effort in recruiting and interviewing candidates for your team. You carefully select those who will receive an offer and the successful candidate often feels like they just won the lottery. Expectations are sky-high at that point, on both sides. Join this session to find out what to do during those first key days, weeks and even months to ensure that your terrific new hires integrate and support your team’s culture right away. You will get them up to speed quickly, enabling them to express those talents that made them your top choice.

You’ll leave this session with detailed checklists and a plan that you can use immediately to launch your new hire on their path to success! 

Ashli Komaryk, Komaryk Communications

Finance/Regulations — “Government Alcohol Regulations and Assistance Programs —Where are we Now and Where do we go from here?”

It takes a pandemic to address some of the provincial policies, regulations and practices that over the years have hampered segments of B.C.’s beverage industries from effectively reaching their customers. The most obvious emergency “fixes” have been introduced by the B.C. Ministry of Attorney General, but some of the most critical for the long-term balance – let alone short-term survival – are labelled “temporary”.  Our panel will discuss the current status, outlook and implications of the B.C. liquor regulatory regime for producers, together with recovery and assistance programs that remain available to B.C. beverage producers.

Panel Discussion Karen Graham, Wine Drops/ Mark Hicken, McIntyre, MNP

Sales and Marketing — “Boost Sales and Brand Awareness with Google Ads”

Advertising through Google Ads allows your beverage brand to target potential consumers who are directly searching for your product and send them to your website. You can track customers from ads that are clicked and how they interact with your online presence from website engagement and content to purchase decisions.

The data available within Google Ads allows your brand to understand where each marketing dollar is working and invest the budget in the right area for the best return on investment (ROI). Learn how your beverage brand can track customer interactions and collect valuable insights on customer online purchasing habits with Google Ads. 

Mari-Lou Nidle, In House Media + Marketing

The Hardest Person You’ll Ever Lead is You

How to be a great leader – during good times and bad

As an entrepreneur, you’re torn in so many directions that leadership is often the last thing on your list. But times aren’t good right now, which means that strong leadership is needed more than ever. You’re probably running with a leaner staff complement, which means that you need to optimize how much work and engagement you get from every employee. You know that people aren’t machines, but it’s easy to forget in the midst of immense pressure.

This session will provide you with practical ideas on assessing where your leadership is at and enhancing trust and communication so that you can weather these strange times and set your business up to flourish in the future.

Kellie Garrett, PCC, ICD.D