Artisan Fermenters and Distillers Business Conference and Tradeshow

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

2022 Conference Presentations

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Wine Night

BC Wine Industry – State of the Union 
Mark Hicken and Tania Tomaszewska

BC Wine Sales, Strengths, Weaknesses (Risks) & Opportunities: A Data-Driven View
Paul Rickett, VARketing! Market and Business Intelligence into Strategy

Breakout Sessions

Finance: Cost Savings in the Beverage World
Jory Soubiran and Geoff McIntyre, MNP

As a business owner and beverage producer, you had a lot to manage even before the pandemic brought its own set of challenges. Cash flow, growth plans, labour challenges, supply chain management and fast-changing customer preferences are enough to keep many up at night. In today’s business climate, it’s more important than ever for business owners to have a full understanding of their operations, but where do you start? Implementing the right solutions and engaging with advisors can help you get ahead and stay ahead throughout your business journey.

During our session, we will outline how you can overcome key business challenges to improve profitability and enterprise value.  We will explore pricing and market strategies, operational efficiency and quality, and how to use economies-of-scale to ultimately increase the value of your business.

Marketing and Sales: The Power of Email Marketing 
Danielle Barker, GetOn Marketing, Kelowna

How to make email marketing your most cost-effective and top marketing initiative. We will dive into the rules you need to know for Canada Anti-Spam and increasing privacy laws.

Marketing and Sales: How to Tailor Marketing Goals to Meet Diverse Strategies
Danielle Barker, Founder – Reflect Media, Inc.

How to plan and reach your seasonal marketing goals with consistent and effective outreach to your local community and customer base. By combining web, content and SEO with engaging social media, effective email marketing and community partnerships, you can reach both your ideal customers and sales goals throughout the year.


Are Your Customer Retention Programs the Answer to Employee Recruitment and Retention? 
Heather Stewart, Sage Transitions
Patt Dyck, Owner – Cannery Brewing Company

Artisan fermenters and distillers have developed excellent customer service retention programs. You understand how to engage your customers, how to communicate with and retain them. Do you devote the same time, thought and energy to ensuring that your employees feel like they are valued, and they are important to the success of the business? We’ll discuss how to translate your expertise in customer attraction and retention programs to building a program that respects and retains your employees.

Busting Myths About the Labour Shortage 
Heather Stewart, Sage Transitions
Leslie D’Andrea, Owner, Noble Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Is there a labour shortage in your industry? What myths and assumptions may be stopping you from finding and hiring employees? Hear from a food service company and a related industry association that has busted some of the labour shortage myths. Discuss how they’ve changed their business models, and found and hired great employees who are dedicated to and integral in the success of their business.

Decision-Making in Uncertain Times
Danny Turner, Partner – Kootenay Peaks Advisors; Owner – Just A Mere Organic Farm

Sometimes intuition and guesswork just doesn’t make the grade in times that are fast changing and beyond our control. Using your own financial data to help make decisions is achievable. When should you pursue that new market or hire that new employee? Is it time to look for an investor or make that big capital purchase? Data-driven decision-making is a foundational part of running your business successfully.

Venture Capital Tax Credit Program
BC Innovative Programs and Partnerships Branch

Noble Ridge Job Matrix for Tasting Room

Panel Discussions

Plenary Session: Pricing Strategies Panel- Moving away from the Dart Board

Is there a better way to choose the right price? How do others evaluate their competitive landscape, costs and margins and whether and how much to discount?  Hear from your peers on how they determine the right price at the right time for the right products. 

1. Michael Coghill, Yellow Dog Brewery and Neighborhood Brewery
2. Miranda Halladay, Elephant Island Winery and Cidery, Naramata
3. Paul Sawler, Dirty Laundry Winery, Summerland
4. Lindsay Kaisaris, Whistler Tree Wine, Beer, Spirits

Beverage Category Blurring: How to Plan Your Products to Meet Shifting Consumer Preferences (Plenary Session)
Moderator: Karen Graham, Wine Drops

The post-pandemic marketplace is characterized by shifting consumer sales. As a B.C. craft producer, should I make cider and wine? And/or a grain-or-fruit RTD? Infused with something local or exotic? Should I introduce a low-alcohol line, and what packaging should I consider? Or do I stay the course with my core products and brand?

Danny Brager’s Presentation

MNP Growth Matrix 

BCBTAC Presentation

Lightning Talks

Sustainability in Tourism: No Greenwashing Here
Eve Layman, Destination Development and Steward Specialist, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

Why Cans? Guide to Beverage Cans and Canning
Evan Singer, National Sales Manager, Vessel Packaging Co. 

5 Ways to Support Mental Health in the Workplace
Recording of the presentation can be viewed here
Rachel Udy, Workplace Learning Coach – Psychological Health and Safety, go2HR

Canadian Digital Adoption Program
Andrew Van Os, MNP Digital

WORTH Investing In: Retaining and Developing Women to Solve the Labour Shortage
Carmen MacKeage, Director of Strategic Partnerships, WORTH Association

HEAD IN THE SAND: Take Action on Inflation
Danny Turner, Delivery Executive, Basin Business Advisors

Addressing Conflict at Work
Shawnee Love, Love HR Inc.