Artisan Fermenters and Distillers Business Conference and Tradeshow

November 14 and 15, 2022

2020 Conference Presentations

We’ve linked most of the presentations from Fortify 2020 below so you can watch them again.  Click on the session titles below to watch the presentations.

1. Opening Panel – Industry Trends and their Impacts 

2. Compensation: From Requirements to Rewards and Recognition 

3. Fortify Your Business — Strategies for Short and Long-Term Survival

4. Leverage Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition and Retention

5. Lightning Talks

6. Boost Sales and Brand Awareness with Google Ads

7. Get Onboarding Right and Watch Performance Soar!

8. Government Alcohol Regulations and Assistance Programs —Where are we Now and Where do we go from here?

9. Fortify Keynote: The Hardest Person You’ll Ever Lead is You