Artisan Fermenters and Distillers Business Conference and Tradeshow

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2019 Conference Agenda

We are already hard at work creating our next Agenda. Take a look at what happened last year.

Geoff McIntyre – Business Advisor Food and Beverage Processing, MNP

Panel Speakers:

• Rita Kitsch – Kitsch Wines
• Joshua Vanderheide – Fieldhouse Brewing
• Tom Krywko – Sea Cider


• Maria Gonzales, BC Consulting Lead, Food and Beverage Processing & Cannabis, MNP
• Matt Van Dijk, FCC

• Sales & Marketing – Salon D
Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales
Adrienne Stillman – Marketing Director, WineDirect
The internet has given way to myriad new opportunities for small businesses to communicate directly with consumers. But the digital landscape can also be hard to navigate. Should you invest in online advertising? What about SEO? What is SEO anyway? How much email should you be sending? And how can you turn your social media platforms into sales channels? In this session, you’ll learn how to turn digital marketing into an effective sales tool and leave with practical ideas that you can implement today, no matter how small your budget or team.

• Finance/Operations – Salon C
GST/PST/Excise Tax: Navigating the Maze
Geoff McIntyre – Business Advisor Food & Beverage Processing, MNP, Heather Weber – MNP
BC craft beverage manufacturers are subject to more than just income tax. They must understand their obligations with respect to GST, PST and Excise Tax as well. This can seem overwhelming, especially for those new to the industry. This session will help you understand how these “other” taxes work and impact your business so you can avoid needless interest and penalties and be more confident in the event of a review or an audit.

• Human Resources – Salon B
Attract and Retain your People in an Employees’ Market
Shawnee Love – Principal, LoveHR
With the unemployment rate at an all-time low, employers must step up their game if they want great people.   Participants in this session will learn how to improve their hiring practices to enhance the candidate experience (necessary for attracting talent). They will also explore various ways to retain employees that are the most effective recruitment tool by far.  Participants should be able to walk back into their organizations with new ideas for hiring and retaining along with tips, tricks and best practices that will give them an edge in today’s economy.

Lunch and Beverage Bar Open / Tradeshow

Resolving Common Business Challenges with Innovative Solutions

• Sales & Marketing – Salon D
Using Agencies to Build Sales: An AgentPerspective

Paul Rickett – VARketing!, Brian Berry – Revelry Import Company, Selwyn Rawstron –Provincial Sales Manager BC, Empson Wines Canada
Our panel will give you an insight into the leverage an agent brings to sales and distribution of your product. Learn what works, and what doesn’t, from their perspective and how a collaborative approach can be beneficial to manufacturers, agents and the trade to dive and enhance not just sales but brand awareness and value in the market.

• Finance/Operations – Salon C
Hidden Financial Costs and Dangers of Termination: A Legal Perspective
Christopher Wiebe – Partner, Farris LLP
Making the decision to terminate an employee is hard enough. Figuring out the risk and cost associated with a termination may be harder than you realize. In this presentation we are going to look behind some of the hidden financial costs and dangers associated with terminating employees that may not be at the forefront of an employer’s decision-making tree. Our discussion will range from the difference between common law and statutory minimum severance to the costs and risks associated with Workers Discriminatory Action Complaints; Human Rights Complaints; Employment Insurance and CPP withholdings obligations; and terminating long term disability insurance.

• Human Resources – Salon B
Enhance Your Performance Through Effective Delegation
Shawnee Love – Principal, LoveHR
Delegation is a skill which once learned can enhance personal and team performance. This highly practical session will help participants identify their barriers to delegation and learn how to enhance their delegation skills.  Attendees will leave with delegation tools and methods that can be easily implemented in their workplaces.

• Sales & Marketing – Salon D
Turning Buyers into Believers: How to Create RavingFans
Pete Luckett – Luckett Vineyards
As a greengrocer, retailer and master marketer turned Vineyard operator- Pete knows a lot about creating a following.  He’s been building brands since he was 20 years old. Pete’s remarkable success in business can be narrowed down to one key insight – buyers buy on price, but believers buy on emotion. From design and merchandising, to staff training and marketing, every touch point reinforces Luckett Vineyards as a destination for community, friendship, and unique experiences.   Pete will share how he creates a brand that is distinctive, memorable and can’t be replicated by his competition!

• Finance/Operations – Salon C
Tom Dyas – TD Benefits, Geoff McIntyre –Advisor Food & Beverage Processing, MNP
One of the best ways to attract and retain valuable employees is to offer them a comprehensive employee benefit plan. Studies have shown that most employees would rather be offered a group benefits plan than be offered a pay raise. Benefits also help to create a higher morale in the workplace, in addition to greater health and wellness amongst employees. For the employer, the premiums paid can be used as a tax deduction for the business, and the business owner can rest assured knowing that their staff members are happier, healthier, and more productive in the workplace.

• Human Resources – Salon B
Conflict Management: From Best Practices to BestFailures
Terri Eriksen – Navy and Sage Benefits, Jennifer Sencar – BC Employment Standards
Join us as we discuss best practices and share language to help you address conflict early to prevent escalation, learn to communicate clearly and with respect, and to build your confidence with handling difficult conversations.  We will also share some common mistakes employers make that if handled correctly, would have had a significant impact on the outcome of their Employment Standards Claim.